When I sat down to make my flipbook, I had no idea where to start. At first, I was thinking about Roadrunner and how he was always getting hit on the head with a huge weight, but then I thought that might be too cliché. So, I decided to look on YouTube to get some inspiration. I found one flipbook animation of a stick figure sledding down a hill. I thought that was a pretty cool idea, and it didn’t involve too much artistic talent (which I don’t have) so I based my flipbook on that animation. At the end, though, I added in a snowman that he runs into in order to fill the requirement of the character getting hurt by an object. In order to get the stick figure, hill, and sled to stay consistent, I made sure to create it on a sunny day. This way, I could draw one, put a new blank page over top of it, trace the hill, and then move the stick figure just a little bit. I think this worked out pretty well, considering this is the first flipbook I’ve ever made and I think it turned out pretty cool. I used index cards because first of all, they’re cheap. Second of all, they work well for flipbooks because they’re not flimsy like printer paper. Overall, I think this project was a success and I think I’ll be making more in the future!

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