Abstract Short

This is an abstract animation done using stop motion. “Abstract” means presenting ideas through non-recognizable objects. It could also mean representing emotions without showing faces or referencing objects without actually showing the object being referenced. To achieve this abstractism, I used shapes instead of recognizable characters. In order to make this animation, I used my Nikon Coolpix L120 camera along with a tripod aiming at the floor. I bought a white board to use for the background so the lines on the floor weren’t visible. In this short, I decided to try and communicate an emotion: excitement. The way I made the shapes bounce around the screen makes the viewer feel the emotion without using a face. I also made sure the shapes were colored very brightly in order to reinforce the feeling of the emotion. I chose to do stop motion for this short because I have done a few stop motions before and I enjoy making them. While making this piece, I was inspired by Hans Richter’s Rhythmus 21. In this short, Richter used cut outs and stop motion to create an abstract feel. This inspired me to see if I could achieve this as well.

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