Final Book Project


This collage is a representation of all of the small pieces that make up who I am. Each item represents something I enjoy doing, eating, or symbolizes where I come from. The German flag along with the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres logo show my heritage and hometown, which will always be a part of me. The background shows a landscape of my favorite place in the world, the Adirondacks. Each year, my whole family takes a week out of August to go to Eagle Bay to just relax on the beach and be together. The Adirondacks really is a second home to me.

What makes this composition strong is the contrast. It not only has contrast between the lighter colors in the foreground and darker colors in the background, but there is contrast with the idea of the piece as well. Some of the items in the foreground are technology-related, and symbolize how much of my life revolves around technology. The background, however, is the total opposite. While vacationing in the Adirondacks, there is no TV, no cell phone service and no Internet. The way we are disconnected from the world while there is a huge contrast to the way I am constantly using technology every other week of the year. Another thing that makes this composition strong is the depth and perspective. Looking through the negative space in the foreground into the background, which contains atmospheric perspective, allows the viewer to get the feeling of the piece being 3D. In addition to this, the color of each item in the collage gives the piece unity. Two complimentary tertiary colors (red-violet and yellow-green) were used in the foreground, with intensity changes to give the items depth.

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