Shapes Sculpture

For this project, six origami figures were made out paper. The surfaces of the figures were then treated with acrylic paint and liquid gold leafing. I chose to use yellow and purple because they are complimentary colors, therefore they make one another look more vibrant. The gold leafing defines the shapes and adds dimension.  After trying multiple ways of putting the pieces together, I finally decided on one and glued them together.

Shapes describe a number of processes, from emotions to dimensions. They are consistent in their function and are extremely important in the design process because they are the timeless working templates for all human based design. Shapes are an example of a universal truth: they don’t change. Because of this, they give the design a concrete form. There are five main shapes, two of which I have used in my design, the triangle and the square.  The triangle is the key component of a directional arrow. In my piece, the triangles point in all different directions, allowing the eye to move quickly around the sculpture. The square on the other hand,  references stability and security in form and fact. It keeps the whole piece together and provides a building block for other shapes. My design also provides a range of freedom or flexibility that is independent of the opinion of the viewer because of the use of shape.

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