Cyborg Gallery Installation

For this group project, we had to install an interactive piece in the Bret Llewellyn Art Gallery here at Alfred State College. The piece required us focus on cyborgs and the impact we think that cyborgs have on society. We were also required to construct and use four levers for the project, along with an Arduino Leonardo. We made the levers out of plastic bins, PVC, wooden dowels and tin foil.

We chose to show how technology can be very helpful, but also very destructive. In our interactive piece, you use the four levers to change the head, arms, chest and legs of a human. When the lever is pulled back, it scrolls through four different options for each of these body parts, each one more “cyborg-y” than the last. Your goal is to create a balanced human/cyborg cross, because if your character is too powerful of a cyborg, it could become extremely dangerous.

Tim Morgan, Torin Murphy, Jason Levy, Jenna Hooper, Patty Padilla, Nick Ficarra

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