Paint Fly Mood Ring Chameleon Game

The “Paint Fly Mood Ring Chameleon” was a semester long group project in my Interactive Media class. We were trying to make a video game using Unity that had five levels:

  • Level 1: Science lab
  • Level 2: Death ray room
  • Level 3: Nazi doctor surgery room
  • Level 4: Splicing room
  • Level 5: Dream world

The paint fly mood ring chameleon has three special abilities, the ability to change color because of his mood, the ability to change color manually and the ability to fly. The character has four parents: a fly, a paint bucket, a chameleon and a mood ring. The goal of the first four levels is to save each one of your parents. Because the character fails at this, he fifth level is a dream world where he is reunited with all four of them. Below are the assets I created in Maya for the project.

I also worked on the level 5 design team. This is what we came up with for level 5:

  • Paint chips on ground & floating
    • All different sizes
    • Need to collect all paint chips in section for invisible wall to open
    • Counter telling you how many you still need to collect
  • Risk & reward
    • Noise when he collects paint chips
    • Big reward at end: being with his family
  • Whole spiral rotates/tips
  • Each section:
    • Random sized/colored circles on the ground
    • First section, 1 circle will change colors every few seconds, second section 2 will change, etc.

This is the design concept we came up with:

Level 5 Design

In addition to designing level 5, I was also on a team to do coding for level 5. We got as far as coding the level so that the player must collect all 10 paint chips before moving on to the next section. However, we didn’t figure out how to code the random color changing aspect on the floor.

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