Office of Equity, Inclusion & Title IX Logos

These are my finished animated designs for the Office of Equity Inclusion & Title IX here at Alfred State. The office has to do with diversity, equality, sexual assault cases, and many more things. The design challenge here was to create a simple logo that incorporates all of these different elements into one.

I started out making around 100 quick sketches of ideas for the logo.

I then took 30 of those logos and reproduced them in color.

Next, I took 3 favorites and made them digitally in Photoshop.

After a critique, I found that these logos were too complicated, too colorful, and would be difficult to reproduce. Therefore, I came up with these next 3 ideas.

These ideas were much better, but still needed a bit of work. The globe in the first one was too much of a recognizable symbol, the blue people looked like the AAA logo and the puzzle piece logo put too much emphasis on Title IX. Finally, I came up with 3 strong, simple, logo designs that incorporates what the office does.

These were the three final logos that I presented to the client. I then animated them so they could be motion graphics, as seen above.

The handprint logo includes multiple different circles of different sizes and shades of gray. This represents diversity, while the handprint shows that we are one in the same and provides a welcoming feel to the logo. The world logo shows people of different sizes (again, for diversity) supporting each other, showing that this is a place to come and feel as though you’re supported. The world also represents diversity. Finally, the logo with the 3 people holding hands shows that we are all in this together and we are here for each other. The parentheses act as a symbol for inclusion.

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