Emerging Media Project

For this project, we were put into groups, assigned an animal skull and were told to create a piece utilizing Pepper’s Ghost effects (better known as holograms). My group was assigned a coyote skull, and we decided to create a looping animation of three “bean people” digging in the ground for the skull.

In order to create depth within this piece, we decided to use both a TV screen and a projector for rear projection. We hook up the projector to one computer and display the background, and hook another computer to the TV to display the animation of the bean people. The skull is then suspended with fishing wire between the plane of the background and the plane of the animation.

Each of the people in my group worked on different aspects of the piece:

  • Me- 3D printing the skull, animation
  • Nia Seward- modeling the tools, animation
  • Amelia Fantasia- character modeling & rigging, animation
  • Tim Morgan- background, technical aspects

This is the looping animation that I created with the character that Amelia modeled/rigged.


This is the skull that I 3D printed; the jaw was printed for us, but they were having issues printing the top half so I took the initiative to try and print it myself. It came out pretty well, and then I rubbed dirt/mud all over it so that it looks like it belongs in the ground.

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