Camel Commercial Assets

woman               man                camel box

kool box            marlboro box

lucky strike box           cigarette with smoke

band-aids   ambulance

camel       brain

clipboard               no sign

briefcase      heartbeat

full flavor     20

lungs      january

q mark pink          scalpel          pill

scissors                    eye chart

T     tweezers

throat                 thumbs up

stethescope                  tongue depressors

tree            test tube                 syringe

tooth    tongue

survey           USA

w virginia      s daktoa
oklahoma                  new hampshire

nevada               doctor5                  doctor4

doctor1                doctor2                doctor3

camel ad3                  camel ad4

camel ad2             real doctor1real doctor2

These are the assets that I created for my first piece, the cigarette commercial. They all have rounded edges and a texture that gives them a vintage feel. I also included some genuine ads and photos of doctor from the 1950’s that I’m going to include in my piece to also help connect the vintage commercial to the modern motion graphics.

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