Creative Resume


While working on resumes in Portfolio, I decided to make a creative resume that will show my graphic design skills, since that is the type of job I’m going to be looking for.

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Media Forge Mood Boards

For my Media Forge class, I am the head of a project that we started last semester, which is a motion graphics/live action piece for a client at Alfred University. The first task that I gave my group was to make mood boards showing how they feel this piece should look and feel. Below is the mood board that I made.

mood board

After we looked at everyone’s mood boards, we chose things that we liked from certain mood boards and I combined them into one mood board, which is shown below.


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Camel Commercial Assets

woman               man                camel box

kool box            marlboro box

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Senior Thesis 2: Pre-Production

This semester, my project is going to be a series of three motion graphic pieces. I will be taking the audio from three commercials from the 1950’s and 1960’s and making motion graphic pieces to go with them. Each of the commercials that I chose are either controversial or just plain weird. I chose them all so I can take a somewhat satirical approach, because they would most likely not be aired today.

mood board.png

This is the mood board that I created for the pieces. They will all follow the same design so that they are consistent and fit together. The only thing differing between them will be the color palettes. As you can see from the mood board, the assets will all be simple and flat. They will all have a slight texture though, and I included an example of this texture on the pink “sun” at the top of the image. In addition to this, all the assets will have rounded edges to give them a softer look. I also included some screenshots of pieces I am taking inspiration from and sample fonts. Finally, I included an image of a doctor from a 1950’s ad because I plan on using cut-outs from old photos in my pieces as well. The cut-outs, fonts and asset texture will help combine the old audio with the new, modern motion graphics.

color palette 2

Above is the color palette for the first commercial I will be doing, along with the commercial I will be using the audio from. This commercial is an ad for Camel cigarettes, which would definitely not air nowadays because it talks about doctors recommending Camels, and we now know that smoking causes cancer.

color palette3

Above is the color palette for the second commercial in the series, along with the actual commercial I’ll be using the audio from. This is a commercial for Goodyear tires, and it wouldn’t be shown today because it seems very sexist, adhering to the stereotype that women are bad drivers.

color palette

Finally, this is the color palette for my third piece along with the commercial that I’ll be using the audio from. This is for a children’s toy, the Pressman Witch Doctor Head Shrinkers Kit, which is very odd and I doubt would ever be sold today.

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This is the final version of my Senior Studio I project, Framed. It’s a multimedia piece consisting of live action and rotoscoped animation.

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Security in the Community Gallery

On December 13th, 2015, my classmates and I installed a gallery at the Arnot Mall in Horseheads, New York. This gallery had to do with themes of security and community. The gallery had two purposes: 1. to get viewers thinking about how there are cameras all over and how they are constantly being watched and 2. to make viewers understand that whatever they put out on the internet can easily be taken and manipulated by anyone. In order to convey these messages, we created an interactive gallery that was advertised as one thing, but was actually about something completely different.

The gallery was advertised as a gallery about optical illusions, and the first section of it did consist of six different optical illusions, as shown below.

These illusions were made by Nia Seward, Amelia Fantasia, Mike Metzger, Patty Padilla, Jenna Hooper and Lance Hegner. At the start of the gallery, participants were asked to fill out a quick survey that asked their name, age, hometown, if they had been to a gallery before and how they heard about the gallery. Then they entered the first room of the gallery which had all of the illusions in it. Within this space were 4 hidden cameras that were taking photos of the participants as they went through the gallery. When they entered the second room, a profile containing a snapshot from when they hit “enter” on the survey, the information they entered in the survey, an image of their hometown and the images of them walking around the gallery was displayed, as shown below.

When they entered this room and saw their profile, we explained to the participants that our gallery was actually about security and putting information online. All of the participants were very shocked and surprised to see themselves on the screen and people of all ages seemed to understand the message we put forth. We had a total of 106 participants.

Below are some photos of us setting the gallery up and the finished gallery.

My Contribution

I was the director of this whole project, and my first task was to decide what the gallery was actually going to be and designing the look and feel of the gallery. I worked with the previsualization team to do so, which was Jody Rosenbeck and Tim Morgan. Together we decided on the idea of having the two rooms and deceiving the guests by having them think that the gallery was about one thing when it was actually about another.

In addition to coming up with the look and feel of the gallery, the assistant director, Jenna Hooper, and I worked together to make sure that everyone was doing their jobs and everything was going smoothly. We communicated with the team leads exactly what was needed from their teams. We also made deadlines to check in on what was going on within the teams, critique things, and make sure everything was the way we wanted it. In addition to this, I made executive decisions such as how the gallery was to be set up and which six optical illusions the the visual and physical assets teams made. Finally, although there was a team for gallery coordination, I was actually the one that found the room in this mall for us to use.

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Production & Promotional Posters


This is the production poster for my final piece. It includes my storyboards, inspirations, color palette, location scouting, final screen shots and tests I did along the way.


This is a promotional poster I made for my piece. I decided to make it simple and stick to my color palette so it really reflects my animation.

These were both printed and are are hung up in the studio.

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