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“The Evolution from Man to Cyborg” Gallery

On December 9th, 2014, I visited the Bret Llewellyn gallery at Alfred State College. My fellow classmates had installed an exhibit entitled The evolution from Man to Cyborg. The gallery addressed the relationship between man and cyborg and how cyborgs impact … Continue reading

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Paint Fly Mood Ring Chameleon Game

The “Paint Fly Mood Ring Chameleon” was a semester long group project in my Interactive Media class. We were trying to make a video game using Unity that had five levels: Level 1: Science lab Level 2: Death ray room … Continue reading

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Cyborg Gallery Installation

For this group project, we had to install an interactive piece in the Bret Llewellyn Art Gallery here at Alfred State College. The piece required us focus on cyborgs and the impact we think that cyborgs have on society. We … Continue reading

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Visual Instrument

For this project, I had to make a “visual instrument” using Max/MSP. I chose to make a program that has an animated background on which you can draw with your mouse. The mouse trail can also change six different colors. … Continue reading

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